[GOLD] Squad Servers

[GOLD] Squad is a registered platoon on Battlelog.com and host to the most popular servers for Battlefield 4 on Xbox One. It takes hustle and tenacity to play on [GOLD] Squad servers, and even more to join [GOLD]. As founder, I cannot wait until an updated and true Battlefield comes out in the future: Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 1 were great takes on a new idea, but left the Battlefield veteran out in the cold.

Until that time comes, you’ll find us in our servers. Hop on and see why we’re host to the best players and represent the top talent in the world.




[GOLD] Squad | Firestorm / Oman / Caspian

Our baby. This is the server that started it all for u


[GOLD] Squad | Goldmud Railway


[GOLD] Squad | 24/7 Siege of Shanghai

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