Blizzard World


This is a project I’ve been working on the last few days. It’s a map called Blizzard World from the video game Overwatch. Polygon has a cool article going into more detail, but Blizzard World was a map added in an Overwatch update and went live 1-23-18. Here’s what I’ve done so far.


sketch/outline of Blizzard World

I love how it’s turning out.



Time to color

Medium of choice: colored pencil. I think it’s the best for this, as I’ll need fine-tip points for the small level of detail I’m hoping to add to this piece. Colored pencils create beautiful gradient fades, and I could just see it being the most practical choice for my first go.

that’s also why I scan it; now I have a template.



I’ve been coloring for close to 3 hours on this project =]

If you liked this post or enjoy my art, take a second and shoot me a note. I’m new to this blogging, and while I draw and do this mainly for myself, I’m curious as to what/who’s out there.

Thanks for reading this.

Orisa sketch (Overwatch)


I’m hopping on to play a game with a co-worker from work, but this is what I drew today =] Her name is Orisa, and she’s a solid tank on the game Overwatch.






Adding dropshadow to type is just so…perfect

So here’s how I got in this situation:

  • I took a train to see my parents this weekend up in WA.
  • Hit up my long-time, OG-friend while up there to see what his plans were and if he IMG_20180901_125317_595-minwanted to get together at all.
  • He told me he was working until later, but to stop by his shop if I wanted. It was
    only a few minutes away from my parents and they wanted to see him too. Pulled up to this place right here! BAM! Walked in there and saw my good friend working, said what up, and we agreed to hang out that night (this was Sat. night – Aug 1st).

Badass shop, Adriel! Thanks for letting me stop by and check out your store!

And so here’s another picture I got excited about. When I walked out of Defiance Bicycles, I noticed an entire wall with like absolutely nothing on it. And you’re probably thinking what I’m thinking: a giant canvas ready to be blasted!

Look at this:


I shot him a text about it before we hung out, saying he should let me blast that wall. “Defiance Bicycles” in whatever font you want. I’d make it attractive, I’d make it sexy, but he should let me do it!

He told me he wish he could, but they dont actually own that building. I asked what if it got spray-painted? He just kinda looked at me, laughed and lightly shook his head.

But that’s for later. Maybe I can convince him down the road haha.

Back to Peaks and Pints, we went there and grabbed a beer and some food. The sub was actually really bomb good for $10.

As I was almost about done I took a look at the coaster where my beer was and I instantly wanted to add a drop shadow to it. I thought it would do a lot for the piece, but more for me =] I just really wanted to do it, so I asked the bartender for a pen and he gave me one.

Before and after: dropshadow
Adding a hint o’ flair.

Doing this right here relaxes me and I absolutely love doing anything typography/lettering related. I took a side-by-side photo of the before and after and left it there even thought I doubt anyone would ever look closely enough to notice it.




  • He suggested this craft beer/eatery place he had been wanting to check out called Peaks and Pints.












Before and after!

arc5ange1 drawing

Overwatch (competitive) | team comp = 3 tanks & 3 healers

I hopped on Overwatch last night to get some competitive games in. I think quickplay is more difficult than competitive, because when you choose to go into competitive, hopefully you’re willing to be a team player. That means being mindful of the map and the team composition and being willing to change or deviate from the thuglife mentality in quickplay. Not that I don’t like seeing Genji, Widow, Ana, Honzo and 2 other DPS characters…I would would just like to win if I’m playing, and I find I loose more in quickplay when there’s no rhyme or reason for why a player picks who they do. Mmmm…I guess being objective, quickplay is the place to practice characters, so that’s alright, but yo at least TRY to help the team. =]

Anyway, last night I got in competitive with some dudes and we shredded it. I joined a group that was 3 healers and 3 tanks. I went with my first choice: a tank, and this was one of the many encounters from that game:

I think the team comp this game consisted of:

  • Bridgette
  • Moria
  • Lucio
  • D. Va
  • Orisa (me)
  • Combo platter of Roadhog/Rein/D. Va/Zayra/Winston and even a bit of Wrecking Ball.

…yeah, actually now that I write it, he almost played every tank. But 3 tanks, 3 healers. And we ripped it up. I added all those guys as friends and hope to play with them again. If you play on Xbox One holler at me and let’s play sometime.

Full 5 minute video: