Orisa’s Ult teamkills opposing team in record time.

So I have probably close to fifty or sixty clips of me using my ultimate as Arisa resulting in a teen killed within about 10 to 15 seconds. But this has to be the fastest I’ve ever seen it happen! #Orisa #Overwatch #Teamkill #Xbox #Gaming #arc5ange1 #Supercharger

Che out @arc5ange1’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/arc5ange1/status/1108192300323082241?s=09


Class yesterday…

…was amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever participated in a structured draw time. My instructor gave us time to work on a project while she met 1-on-1 for individualized mini-meetings while the we worked on our logotype and branding project.

I got stopped by a friend who sits at my table when I started drawing over my work. “Why’d you do that?” I don’t know, I haven’t really ever thought of that before. I always just keep drawing or practicing whatever I’m working on. It’s a good thing repetition is principal in design, because I usually just write the same thing a few times in various and different forms and formats. Here’s an old one for over 2 years ago:

ART 115016ART 115017


Wwhile I was just selecting that photo to post, I briefly looked at some of my most recent uploads and it turns out I don’t just write over my own work, I just kinda write over anything ranging from my patio to my instructors handouts (I think they want me to write on those though if it’ll help me better understand and comprehend their objective):




This is some of the loose paperwork I’ve accumulated while working on this assignment/project.



Needless to say this project is amazing. My instructor hinted last week as to what we were doing for the following class, and I’m glad I came prepared with 4 different pencil pouches full of different pens and media (Is that correct?). Yesterday’s class was an awesome experience and I have never taken part in that…….what is that even called? Or was it just working quietly on our own stuff, but just in the presence of other people who are also, well, quietly working on their own stuff? Who knows =] …all I know is it was fun and talking with my table mates about what we were working on added that interactive/social feeling, and I even stayed an extra 30 minutes or so after class to keep drawing. Well, and to pack up my stuff. Good thing I don’t have a class immediately following my Tues/Thurs class, because it takes me forever to pack my stuff up sometimes.

I want to post more but I actually am going to hit publish on this right now otherwise IO’ll never get back around to it. peace y’all.

my journaled brand guide.

Brand Logo Component

Component Pages

  1. Logo Presentation
  2. Logo Guidelines
  3. Incorrect Logo Usage

Provide 4 versions of logos:

primary color verion

new bane

new logo


black and white


saved as an .EPS, .PDF, & native .AI (svg too