VC118 Final Project

Final Project handout [GOLD] Squad'ed out
Welp, here it is. And this is the handout for it. Wow look at how cool the final project paper is!!!! That's like....awesome that it just came like that...
I scanned this in at 600 DPI and it was ~14 MB. I like this project, but not like…that much. 200 DPI MAX is cool =]


A new product has been developed.
*We choose this fictional product.
The clients would like us to create effective branding material in two different formats.
*The two formats are selected by us; they can be anything. However, there has to be
a notion for why the sizes/dimensions/mediums were selected.

No matter what, have a good reason for the format – and be creative!

-Final Project, Bret Malley

We will be pitching the following ideas to our class and instructor on the last day with the end goal of convincing our designs and color portray, represent and convey the branding of our ideas and products.

A few questions to consider:

  • What is the fictional product?
    • Pick something that is easy to demonstrate during class.
  • What does the design work need to communicate?
    • (potentially colors, branding, the “why?”)
  • What is the goal of the design?
  • Who does it need to reach? (target audience)
So....I think I'm going to go shave and shower before work. You know, try to at leas pretend to know what I'm doing. And I'm still testing and playing with some things on this site, such as the beautiful and aesthetically pleasing ugly slab/ugly modern type "hybrid" font I'm using to write this chunk of text.

It's called preformatted text, and I'm using it for a couple of reasons:

    a) So it appears as though I'm not finished. This type of font or style of type normally is associated with coding. It looks unfinished. And by golly, it is unfinished. I plan on finishing writing this later. That helps me understand the project or assignment a bit more, so that's what I do. Something with ADHD.
   b) I'll plug my answers to the above questions in on this preformatted text so my answers are clearly distinguishable Fromm the proper outlining as seen and displayed above. Kinda a push and pull; a re-write what you see in your own words, as well as an...well....answer them too, dude.

Ok all, gotta go. If you're new to my website, thank you so much for actually reading this. I don't know why or what you're doing, but hear me say I'm grateful and honored that you're taking the time to read this =]
Oh, and wow....ok if you're actually interested, what I'm going to do is something with my banners and [GOLD] Squad. Check them out below! I have quite a collection.

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