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I am a full-time student going to school for a Visual Communications (fancy name for graphic design) Associates degree, and I also work part-time. I am no stranger to the struggle bus, and while it’s not glamorous, it’s temporary, and I aim to incorporate both graphic design & video games into my art and style.

Server costs are $56 to renew every 3 months, and while that’s not a ton of money, it adds up quick over the course of 4-5 years with 2x servers. I truly enjoy running these Battlefield 4 servers for the Xbox One community. If you want to donate or pitch, know I got mad love for you and it’s greatly appreciated. This plays a huge role in keeping the servers alive & active.

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If you enjoy shooting, dropping, and pwning dudes on our servers and feel like contributing something, donate via Paypal Below.


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i love your server


love the server. keep it up.


thank you for not only being very kind and dedicated, but making an amazing and entertaining server. In fact… I stayed up until 2:30 AM when my school starts at 6:00 AM haha. It was worth it though.

Corsair Spartan
About me

[GOLD] Squad was started with xREMY13x on Xbox Live for Battlefield 4. We host the most popular server in the world on the Xbox One for the platform shooter Battlefield 4. Come check us out and play with the best in the game on [GOLD] Squad Servers.

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