Photo Illustration

Projects from Photo Illustration with Bret Malley.

Dreamscape Collage

Photoshop is really all about manipulating photos and masking! If you can learn those two things you can exceed in Photoshop. This is where I first stepped up to the plate, not really fully understanding how to mask and layer in Photoshop. But I quickly got the hang of it while rendering project #1.

Seamless Composite

project 2

I recently touched up this project again by adding a funky painting I did to the wall of the library. It’s kind of like a tattoo for a building. This is more in line what project #2 called for.

Self Portrait Photo Manipulation

project 3

Fun project: this was probably my favorite project during this whole term. The simplicity of this shot and a new technique for masking subjects earned this project my favorite!

Movie Poster Satire

project 4

My parody of The Bourne Legacy. I remixed it by adding a photo of me and adding my name to the title.

Final Story Composite

project 5

Artist Statement:

For this last Photoshop project, I took the focus off the army men and war scenes that I typically do. As I was going through my photos I noticed dozens of landscapes and cityscapes. My goal here was to combine all these photos into one seamless shot. I composited these in Photoshop, blending building photos with sky and cloud photos. The result: big buildings floating in the big blue sky. This is my style, these are my ideas.

This was a nice break from my go-to Photoshop style, and I’m glad to have stepped out of my comfort zone to attempt this. Thank you for taking the time to view my work and check out my site.

I appreciate each and every one of you and hope to see you in class and in person sometime soon!