Visual Communications Student at Chemeketa Community College

I am a Visual Communications student looking for opportunities where I can gain experience and create graphics, designs, and art. I’m currently employed but am trying to pursue positions that align more with my studies in school, and my desires and goals for my life.

Some know me as Tim, some as Tay, others know me as arc5ange1, and I respond to either. I am a graphic designer who is captivated by the creative process, and all the work between a sketched & rough idea to a near-perfect completed version. Moving from sketches to mockups, to drafts, to finalized projects sparks and moves me. I’m inspired by both analog & digital art, graphics, typography, designs, and layouts, and enjoy overcoming any challenges that arise. I’ve designed everything from responsive websites (for phone & desktop) to printable book covers and magazines.
I am a Visual Communications student looking for a position where I can gain more hands-on work & experience in passion and field of study: Visual Communications & graphic design. I’m currently employed at MOD Pizza but am pursuing positions that align more with my focus in school, and in the direction of projects & assignments that spark me.

Work Experience

All-Star/Captain at MOD Pizza
(2015 – Present)
This is, I feel, one of the most difficult jobs I’ll ever have. In 2015 when MOD Pizza opened their location in Salem we were store #68. Now with over 400 stores around the world, our Salem store is ranked #5 in sales. Needless to say it’s always incredibly busy. If you see me at work, bet you’ll see me running point. That’s where I trained as an All-Star 5 years ago, and that’s where I still hold it down against lines of customers that keep on coming.

Co-Founder/Server Admin/Graphic Designer at [GOLD] Squad
(2016 – Present)
In 2016 I registered a platoon for Battlefield 4. I initially did this because the server admin had access to uploading a 510 x 126 pixel banner to be displayed to everyone entering the game.
Today I host and admin 3 servers on the Xbox One, including Battlefield 4’s most popular server in the world! I remain convinced part of this positive attention the server got wasn’t because the map rotation or the players, but a unique approach to the banners that I haven’t noticed on the other servers; using the banner space as a platform to exhibit my work.

Warehouse Manager at Kelly’s Home Center
(2017 – 2018)
Kelly’s had 3 warehouses. Daily operations included moving thousands of heavy appliances off trucks, around the different locations and warehouses, verifying and auditing stock, and locating, pulling, housing, and handling any appliance on the premises. Properly receiving, scanning, and housing each unit in the 6-tiers warehouse (multi-level) required heavy harnesses, life-lines, and heavy machinery (called a “picker”) to properly track, hunt, and pull appliances.
Appliances often took the form of heavy refrigerators or custom $34,000 stove-tops or ranges. This job required as much strength as it did finesse. I unloaded semis full of appliances, managed, housed, tracked, moved, and relocated $3.2 million in assets everyday. That was my warehouse; I was in charge of everything coming in through orders and going out by customer.