Blog Rambling

Been spending so much time trying to remodel this site that I didn’t realize I actually hadn’t wrote a post in awhile. Like 9 months awhile. It’s crazy cuz my autopay on domain renewal (on happened 2 day ago, and with this whole-shelter- in place (I think that’s what they’re saying), I’ve been needing a side-project to do.

I don’t really know.

I don’t really care either.

What I’m trying to say is I haven’t wrote in awhile. And truth be told, and my dad and my girlfriend are witnesses to this, but I just actually deleted my entire site 3 days ago (less my media. I fear some of my pics just got an upload here but haven’t properly been put on Google Drive or Photos yet). I did this because I had some theme overlap and interference going on: it was too much, too unorganized. I know, right? but yeah even I’m saying that.

So why am I writing this now? In short, here’s why

  • I have extra time with what’s going on, and an extended spring break
  • I’m reading the book Positivity and it mentioned journaling.
  • My friend, Dan from my Visual Communications program mentioned writing or journaling the other day in a text message. And I’m using this as both a shoutout method to say what’s up to him, and to encourage both him, and myself publically (dubbed a “heartcheck” in prison) to keep going with it. Let the format be up to us, but dude I’ll keep going with mine and you keep going with yours.
  • Did I mention I have extra time right now?
  • Also, as mentioned before, my auto renewal for this site happened a couple of days ago and I saw it on my bank statement, which made me think about it and put emphasis on it.
  • Yo I have time right now, and call this shameless self promotion, but another daily goal I have is to post 5 videos a day on my YouTube Channel. And maybe linking these back and forth might benefit the quality of the blog or the YouTube feed.
from you YouTube page

So here’s a question that I should ask myself: what’s my objective? Conversions, or more readers, or YouTube subscriptions, what? No, none of those. My objective is so those I call my friends and my beloved family can see what I’m doing. Despite having more photos and things to share on Instagram than I can shake a stick out, I seldom post. I have too much stuff I feel. So, if I post on here I can photobomb and add multiple photos like this:

Alright before I think much more I’m hitting publish. Don’t mind the rest of my site yet. I’m hoping that having some recent content will shift my mind into a gear where I’m designing my website for me and content, not just for looks.

Until tomorrow…


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Visual Communications Student graphics | design | art | gaming [GOLD] Squad Founder: a registered Battlefield 4 platoon.

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