Caspian Border

Digital Illustration

I took a screenshot of this map on my Battlefield 4 server for Xbox One. I drew this version in Adobe Photoshop using my Wacom tablet. It was more an experiment with the thousands of brushes, the effects of layers, and a combination of trial-and-error. My old laptop wasn’t and still isn’t fully capable to run that many pixels on that many layers on an already RAM-consuming application like Photoshop, and it took me a bit longer than I would’ve liked, but I finished it and turned it in.

I have since bought a new computer (a desktop, who I named “Beastmode”) which is more than sufficient in the graphics and RAM department.

Caspian Border 2014 Battlefield 4 map. By T "arc5ange1" Bates.
Digital Illustration of Caspian Border. Created in Adobe Photoshop.

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This video is the same as the below images. The two outlined images were scanned before I started watercolor painting. The finished painting came out awesome

Guess what map? from r/battlefield_4

Published by T. Bates

Visual Communications Student graphics | design | art | gaming [GOLD] Squad Founder: a registered Battlefield 4 platoon.

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