Blizzard World


This is a project I’ve been working on the last few days. It’s a map called Blizzard World from the video game Overwatch. Polygon has a cool article going into more detail, but Blizzard World was a map added in an Overwatch update and went live 1-23-18. Here’s what I’ve done so far.


sketch/outline of Blizzard World

I love how it’s turning out.



Time to color

Medium of choice: colored pencil. I think it’s the best for this, as I’ll need fine-tip points for the small level of detail I’m hoping to add to this piece. Colored pencils create beautiful gradient fades, and I could just see it being the most practical choice for my first go.

that’s also why I scan it; now I have a template.



I’ve been coloring for close to 3 hours on this project =]

If you liked this post or enjoy my art, take a second and shoot me a note. I’m new to this blogging, and while I draw and do this mainly for myself, I’m curious as to what/who’s out there.

Thanks for reading this.

Published by T. "arc5ange1" Bates graphic design | video games | art Founder of [GOLD] Squad: a Battlefield 4 platoon.

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