[GOLD] Squad | Firestorm / Oman / Caspian changing

arc5ange1 drawing of Caspian Border for Battlefield 4

Changing the ol’ map rotation

[GOLD] Squad | Firestorm / Oman / Caspian

Here’s the other server:


live stats here

Published by T. "arc5ange1" Bates

arc5ange1.com graphic design | video games | art Founder of [GOLD] Squad: a Battlefield 4 platoon.

2 thoughts on “[GOLD] Squad | Firestorm / Oman / Caspian changing

    1. Dude I’m not sure…. all things aside that server has some major issues haha. Like only Remy and I can find the server in join it again once it drops down to zero people. So if one of the two of us aren’t going to do that it stays forever unpopulated. It’s kind of a double-edged sword because it’s the most popular server on the Xbox One, however it does a lot of server dumps and with things like that. I provided a link for you if you want which will always tell you if it’s up or not my man. This is what I used to check on the gold Squad servers often.



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