Overwatch (competitive) | team comp = 3 tanks & 3 healers

I hopped on Overwatch last night to get some competitive games in. I think quickplay is more difficult than competitive, because when you choose to go into competitive, hopefully you’re willing to be a team player. That means being mindful of the map and the team composition and being willing to change or deviate from the thuglife mentality in quickplay. Not that I don’t like seeing Genji, Widow, Ana, Honzo and 2 other DPS characters…I would would just like to win if I’m playing, and I find I loose more in quickplay when there’s no rhyme or reason for why a player picks who they do. Mmmm…I guess being objective, quickplay is the place to practice characters, so that’s alright, but yo at least TRY to help the team. =]

Anyway, last night I got in competitive with some dudes and we shredded it. I joined a group that was 3 healers and 3 tanks. I went with my first choice: a tank, and this was one of the many encounters from that game:

I think the team comp this game consisted of:

  • Bridgette
  • Moria
  • Lucio
  • D. Va
  • Orisa (me)
  • Combo platter of Roadhog/Rein/D. Va/Zayra/Winston and even a bit of Wrecking Ball.

…yeah, actually now that I write it, he almost played every tank. But 3 tanks, 3 healers. And we ripped it up. I added all those guys as friends and hope to play with them again. If you play on Xbox One holler at me and let’s play sometime.

Full 5 minute video:

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