Guess the city

arc5ange1 Bridgetown Drawing

This original (below) was something I drew in jail 5 years ago. We talked about this in my ART 115 class…just the recycling of old stuff, or almost “trash.”

So here’s the thing, most of my random good stuff is done on a whim, and usually not when I’m supposed to be working on it. I say “supposed to” because I was over at my friend’s house, and we were studying. Or supposed to be. But he got a 3D printer, a vinyl scribber and a couple other cool art related toys.

arc5ange1 Bridgetown Drawing
Blueprints for Bridgetown
In transit

If one were to ask me the objective or what my goal here was, I would say blast “Portland” into my 5 year old tracing, and create and intertwine Portland’s bridge structure or layout into my lettering.

Finished sketch/drawing:

portland sketch-jpgwithsignature826948697..jpg

I posted to reddit, after getting good feedback and response from my 2nd watercolor painting I did a few months ago: featuring one of my favorite maps that I run on our servers:


But whenever you do something good, there’s haters along the way. I got told by this dude I should reconsider my life choice. I told him thank you so much for his opinion, and to kindly shut his cakehole. And I’ll play the judge game all day: you got 20 minutes (roughly what I did mine in) to make something creative. Go. Answer: it’s terrible. That was fun. Hop off.


Fortunately I printed his and 2 other responses basically saying that I suck balls. Another guy chimed in that if communications was my major then I should reconsider my life (or life choices, or something). Good one. I just told them both Visual Communications was my major, but that includes art. I printed their responses and put them in my studio.  Inspiration can from what you love to do, but also a little from people telling you stuff like that, and you just keepin’ in stride. =]

But that’s the hustle right there. I’ll keep doing my thing, and those guys will keep doing theirs. Thanks for peepin’ this, and I’m going to try to make this a normal, everyday thing. With school ending today (well, for like a month), that’s a very feasible goal. Peace ch’all.

And if you really want a copy of the .PNG image, I have a super fat, high-res photo of it. email me at

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