Battlefield 4 clip with my added commentary


So I’m trying a test crosspost out where I post this short clip to one social media, with a link (not a complete URL Slug…I’m not trying to confuse the viewer =] ) to point them to a site. My site, my clip, so it works. I created the outro and transition (yes, in that order) yesterday, and finished it today. It’s simple, it’s not loud, visual as well as auditory, and it just flashes my  name. The “outro” was actually 2 seconds longer…So it was just sitting on “” for like 4 seconds. I tried watching the entire clip through a couple of times, and the end was just too long for me to be comfortable with, so trimmed it and then added the last “transition” (used for, well, transitioning between clips) to both help answer the “What’s he playing on?” question and also to represent what I play on (twofold).

I used the outro and then the transition so the clip didn’t solely conclude on my name. Sometimes if you don’t upload a “featured image” for a clip, it takes either the first second or last second of the video and posts that as the “featured image” So, for example, the social media could post the featured image as just that green screen with “” on it, then it just looks like you trying too hard.

“The guy who jumps around after scoring, don’t worry about him. That’s his first goal, he’s excited. The guy who scores and just walks back to his team: that’s the guy who’s good.”

-Jersey Joe

aka my lacrosse coach at UO freshman and sophomore year.

If you get bored sometime and want:

Dogtags = knife kills by the way =]

One more thing. So my homeboy Ethan lives in Canada. He’s a mechanical engineer. We talk about sources of inspiration for our art (graphic design/digital graphics/whatever). and he showed me this:

Ethan Copied-created

Ethan Copied

Ethan, you kick ass and your art easily rivals mine. Let’s play BF sometime man.

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