I’m basically super studious…

A long long time ago, a very wise man gave the world these words of hope:

Most of the time, the person with the most paper on the desk is, well, the most organized.

Francis Francisco the XI

That was pretty profound. No, just joking, but i write that to set up a picture I shot today at school. Iy’s just of my desk, but when I looked around, relative I had a ton of stuff. To be fair, we turned in what’s called a “Design Problem,” and this one had about 40 pieces of random paper included in it. Oh man, I’m pretty sure I absolutely crunched one of my traces. I mean that’s alright though, my teachers gets me (hahaha…she’ll probably look at it and just throw it away.

Here’s some flicks:20180809_145252

Damn…Kyle…you know what kind of sucks? (In case anyone is reading this yet, which they should not because I haven’y added tags, and…no offense why, or how did you find this?

But Kyle, advantage of a blog of insta or snap or…anything (besides facebook), is single image posts. And as I’ll demonstrate here…like…IF/when I take pics, i’ll be shooting probably <10.

Here i’ll publish this for u and keep posting pics

here, more photos

a couple of videos here in 15 seconds:


this is the part in the clip above where the video freezes frames.


video 2



alright guys I’m out for the night. Just need to get in the habit of posting somethign (well…good) before midnight. I didn’t really tag this one or promote/share it, and i’ll focus more heavily on that with the right content.


peace ch’all



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