Phone Post (pp): Craft Warehouse n’ back

Trying something out. Since WordPress has an app that actually utilizes almost everything and the same features it has from its Internet dashboard, I can actually post from their app.

Question is now, how good is it? This post is from my phone right now. I was in party with SingingMammal, GUNNER, Byte for a quick minute, and Ethan for a sec and I was debating whether or not I’d have to go out and buy a black acrylic ink I have to use for one of my last Design Problems for my ART 115 class.

Truth be told I didn’t want to go. At all. But…it basically came down to do I want to go now (at about 6), or later tonight? Yeah….let’s just get this outta the way. Here’s what I got:

I feel like 90% of the time I’m the only guy at Craft Warehouse.

Also, above, those 5″ x 8″ greyscale squares, that was Design Problem #1 (and the Design Problem I’m working on at this moment and the reason why I went out to get paint was Design Problem #3. just FYI =] ).

We just had to turn them in individually. I bought that frame like 2 years ago at Goodwill for $4, and I still had some greyscale paper left so I made that. I showed my teacher it and she was stoked.

I’m also planning on taking the white paper from the top greyscale model, and putting it as the middle model’s background, and adding a soft grey background to the top one. I’ll show y’all when it’s. First, my art final tomorrow and turing in this blasted acrylic painting I gots to do tonight. But actually first, I’m hopping back in party with the boys and saying whats up haha.



Wow. You ok? Anyway….I got excited. On my way out after I told a couple ladies there my problem and what I needed, I got my answer. She recommended this pretty good acrylic paint but then I told her that at least for right now, think single serving, and that I will for sure be using acrylic paint in the future, but for right now I just need the blackest paint she’s got. That one was $1.47

But on the way I remembered I broke a letter of my ceramic letters. Why are the letters important? Because they spell [GOLD] Squad. I originally bought them for $3/each. And when I asked the girl if they still had them, I was worried because I used to have a bad as ceramic set that spelled “GOLD,” but now just a lame ceramic set that spelled “OLD.” Yeah…..I don’t get excited no old squad.

So I inquired.

She said they didn’t have them anymore……except these over here. And they’re clearance because they’re trying to get rid of them. And they’re selling really good.

2/$1….$0.50 each! So I got a G to replace my broken one and a new set of letters just in case I break one or want to use 2 sets in a shot for some reason in the future.

Battery is almost dead, posting now. Locked on…firing.

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